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Over the past few years as Playback has grown in size, we have expanded our range of Event & Technical Lighting services and now employ a small team dedicated to lighting the way on all our events in which there is a requirement for technical lighting.

We have seen a rise in our clients requiring lighting services whether it be to light a stage, catwalk or simply to light an object such as a car or model during an exhibition – And what a difference it does make, some of our clients are shocked with just how breath taking some of the lighting effects can be.

We offer a variety of Technical Lighting services, whether it be simply to emphasise the look of a building structure or to light a stage. Using our colour matching service we can ensure the colours match that of your event.

Nathan is our Senior Lighting Technician, I asked him about his role here at Playback,

I am extremely passionate about making all our events stand out. It is my job to utilise the power of lighting to emphasise that precise moment and create that ‘wow!’ factor for the audience. As much as i like getting the big ‘toys’ out sometimes simplicity thrives. I take great pride in ensuring a memorising effect is achieved regardless and I am not scared to think outside the box and use our fixtures in unique ways.

Nathan – Lighting & Effects Manager

I am proud of my team, and look forward to seeing where the next few years take us. With technology advancing all the time we can be assured there will be new methods and plenty more effects to pass onto our clients.

If you would like to know more about our Stage & Technical Event Lighting services please contact our team.

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