Playback Events (Mansfield)

Mobile Karaoke

We can provide a complete karaoke setup for your event, providing all necessary equipment, music and backing tracks and host the event for you.

Karaoke has been around in the UK now for well over 20 years and is still extremely popular as an add on or alternative to a disco.

In more recent years with the help of reality TV shows such as “The X Factor”, karaoke has taken on a whole new market and here at Playback we are on top of the game.  We have the latest digital software with an unbeatable collection of karaoke backing tracks from the 50’s right up the present chart toppers, backed up by our specialist equipment and knowledgeable staff you can book with confidence knowing you are going to sound great.

Speak to a member or our team today about setting up a karaoke event or adding karaoke to your existing booking, it really is a great way of getting people involved.

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