School Proms & Discos

School Proms

Where memories are made!

The Teenage school years are where memories are made. The people you meet and the things you do stay with us for the rest of our life. School Proms are the highlight of the school year, it gives friends the opportunity to enjoy a great night together.

We cater for all kinds of school proms for both primary and secondary schools. We have a vast range of music in our collection which is always kept 3 months ahead of public release which means we will (nearly) always have any song requested!

We stock full radio edits of most songs too – keeping everyone happy.

We are aware that many schools hand over the planning of the prom to it’s students and we even encourage students to have a part in the planning process as this is a great experience on their portfolio – We will work closely with both schools and students to ensure it is a night that won’t be forgotten.

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